Jan staygraha sangathan has been doing social work for the 2011 years. There are  no works of society that our organization has not done. Jan satyagraha sangthan neither wants to do the work which harm our country and deteriorating law system of the country nor we do  people’s educational, financial and social exploitation. Our effort is to make the  peace in the country at all  times.  Jan Satyagraha sangathan helps the sick and ill people for treatment, poor people for marriages, needy people to complete their needs and raise the voice of Justice. Jan Satyagraha sangathan works to make people aware , without awareness no society can ever progress. Jan Satyagraha sangathan is also active in legal field. Jan Satyagraha sangathan works in many ways raises voice for justice ,give memorandum to bureaocrates ,hold the protest, do every democratic works which is required, even if people do not get justice we finally go to the court.organisation are fighting many cases  for society. Organization take responsibility to do all the work for the society. Organization never calls any religion bad and respect all the religions, inside the organization people of all faiths and all communities are executed, no one can can be left on the basis of his religion and cast, rather, if the victim is suffering injustice then within the bounds of constitution, the organization helps him

Best social work