Our Mission & Vision

The objective of Jan Satyagraha Sangathan is to open the University for society where all economically backward people and minority get the education free.Sangathan wants to open playing ground, club, swimming pool, and make the physical education free for economically poor people and finally we get more no of athletes for international compitition. Education is becoming expensive day by day and getting away from economically poor people, our objective is to educate every poor person according to his ability

Objective of JSS is to open  Super Multi Speciality hospital for every poor and needy  patients. This is a fully charitable so that every illness like Cancer, TB, heart diseases, kidney problems, brain tumor etc  can be treated in the same hospital. We wants to have blood bank where all the needy people get blood, no one die due to unavailability of blood. Organisation wants people in India and in the world live the healthy life.