Jan sataygrah sangathan has always considered its duty to raise the voice of Justice for every single victimized. Organization is standing with church which is victim of injustice. JSS has raised the voice against the samjhauta express bomb blast, Ajmer dargah bomb blast, Hydrabad Makka masjid bomb blast. Apart from this, JSS has raised voice for people like Dadri murdered case, Pahlu khan, Hafiz Junaid or any person  who has been oppressed, any women who  has been molestet or raped,  any person who has been murdered and any person who has been killed in mob lynching. JSS will always raise the voice for victimized, it may belongs to Rajasthan, Madhyapradesh, Haryana or Uttarpradesh it  doesn’t matter. So please join JSS for  building victim free nation, victim free state  and victim free society.