Food Bank

Since 2018 Jan Satyagraha sangathan is running food bank for poor, missile and passenger. From this food bank about 350 to 400 people get food everyday without any charge. Food bank has an aim to serves and supply food to needy people. Our effort is that no human should be hungry at bad time, rather every person should get bread for two times. We have seen that a person takes a big sin only for hunger. We can stop few crime which is done due to lack of food  When human beings are given food, then it will be the avoidance of crime, this is our aim that people live life without crime. Apart from this we wants to supply food in hospitals but right now it is not possible, it requires your consistent help. We have a survey that patients somehow get food but his or her companians don’t get food. In this spectaculous wok we need your sport please help us please join us.

One area food bank soft banner